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A great workplace combines exceptional colleagues and hard problems. If you're ready to grow your career and help millions of organizations build high-performing teams, you've come to the right place.

Just a few ways you can make a difference at Index.

Business Development Manager

Work with international companies to close more clients. Make it rain!


Find, vet and match best IT professionals around the world.

Head of Marketing

Build the team, generate more leads for sales, develop the leading brand

HR director

Hire the best people, build a strong culture and HR processes.

Head of IT recruiting

Lead our core department of recruiters.

Other Roles

Not sure what to choose from. Just apply, you never know what can be your next career move. Send your CV to hr@indexcode.io

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Business Development department


Director of Partnerships




Sales and Account Executive


Senior Recruiter


Director of Sales EU

Our valueshouse rules

Index way

Index helps leading companies build high-performing software teams.
Remote is the future of work and Index makes it easy to scale your team - on demand. Our way is the model of "work without limits" that includes both in-house, distributed teams, remote employees, or freelancers.

We are growing fast and have the vision of building a leading software development company in the world. If we are up for the challenge, we want you to join us.

Your commitment

If you can commit to and live with the following principles, then you are the type of person who will be successful and help our company thrive. Our expectation is that you will take the steps necessary to do what you say you are going to do and be accountable for your actions. In other words, live “above average.”

You would make an ideal candidate to join our company if you are willing to commit to the following:

Go extra-mile

Adding value is all about delivering services over and above expectations. We always exceed others' high expectations. We do our work beyond what is possible, we make more effort than is expected. Ask the question: “What else can I do?”; Reject average, good to pass by;

Do extra-smile

We look to the positive side in every situation. We love what we do every day. Acting from our heart we seek to understand how we can best support each other with great communication, honest feedback, and a positive mind. Ask the question: “What is good in this?”

Always Be learning

Be opened to learn something new every day. Ask the questions: “What coaching do you have for me?” and “What can I do better?”; What is the learning here?

Be accountable

See It, Own It, Solve It, Do It. Become part of the solution; We expect you to have a personal ownership and pride;

Be humble

Be modest. Complacency breeds mediocrity and steals potential. Give before you ask. Be always, happy to help;

Few of the Benefitsworking at Index



We are investing in our people's development. We invest in:
International Trips
Online Courses
Team building events


When we win, we win together. We offer multiple bonuses, uncapped earnings and opportunity to grow your career.
We are committed to initiatives such as equal pay, employee resource groups, inclusive benefits, and more.

Work anywhere

Index is a hybrid company rooted in flexibility. Employees can choose to work from one of our  offices, fully remotely, or a mix of the two. All employees enjoy the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere.

Employee wellness

Here at Index we recognize people are at their best when well rested and able to incorporate healthy activities into their day. To help employees with adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle we offer support in a variety of ways; including access to resources as meditation, personal days off, gym, yoga classes, sports activities and gratefulness sessions. Your health comes first, you take care of yourself and after you can take care of others.